Most food service workers needsome type of certified food safety training. Are you certified?
Also known as Level One, Food Handler and Food Card

Ohio Dept of Health Person-in-Charge Certification

This Course is Certified and approved by the Ohio Department of Health


  • Take Course 
  • Take Final Self-Administered Test
  • Take it 'til you pass
  • Print  Certificate

Easy Peasy

Takes approximately 2  hours

COST $8.95

Use any electronic device including phones

Available in English, Spanish, Vietnamese and  Mandarin

Food manager talking with health inspector. He's certified. They can speak the same "language".
Every food service operation in Ohio needs a manager with th

Ohio Dept of Health Manager Certification

Previously known as Ohio Level 2 Course, it is now called the Manager Certification and is approved by the Ohio Dept of Health. There is a Proctored Exam at end of course.

4 easy steps:

Take course (about 10 hours)

Take a final PRACTICE TEST

Schedule and take your Proctored Exam

Obtain Ohio Manager Certificate

Other Training Courses

Allergen Training

Responsible Alcohol Serving

Responsible Alcohol Serving

People can be allergic to proteins in food. They can get into air and move around the kitchen.

A large percentage of people now have food intolerance's and allergies. Experts are researching the reasons. But children could face life threatening reactions. Some say 1 in every 4 children. See the details of our online course to protect your operation.

Responsible Alcohol Serving

Responsible Alcohol Serving

Responsible Alcohol Serving

Alcohol is an important part of many peoples eating experience. Choice of beer and wines is growing.

Irresponsible consumption and serving of alcohol can put lives at risk. Train your servers and bartenders to be responsible. Should any event cause your operation to be questioned, show them you take training your people seriously. See your jurisdictions training requirements.

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Ohio Certified Course Suppliers and Examinations

We use the nationally approved and recognized Tap Series Achievement Program.

Certified and Approved Courses

All food safety courses must be accredited by ANSI. ANSI is a private non-profit organization that oversees the development of courses.  This is a board who assesses and accredits all submitted courses. The 2 programs most widely used in Ohio  are TAP Series and ServSafe. We use both ServSafe and TAP Series. We use ServSafe products for our classroom training and exams. We have partnered with TAP Series for most courses on this website. WHY?

Educational Approach

The ServSafe approach is visual. The verbiage is lively and youth oriented. This lends itself very well to classroom instruction. The TAP Series is more collegiate in presentation. Collegiate?  Leaning towards learning and education, characteristic of a college program. Great for an  online written course.

Examinations, quiz and tests

All courses  have tests and exams so you can monitor your progress. Again, ANSI approved.

The Manager examination requires proctoring. We can come to you for exam proctoring.


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