Frequently Asked Questions


What is the difference between our course and ServSafe Food Handler?

Our course is the nationwide certified TAP Series. It is very similar to the ServSafe Course. In fact we work with ServSafe and use their products for our classrooms. We have partnered with TAP Series for our online courses because of their superior tech support. If you prefer the ServSafe course, just go to their website. Their cost is $15. Ours is $8.95

$8.95? What are the hidden costs?

No hidden costs! You will be certified for $8.95. 

What food safety certification does the Ohio Department of Health require?

Ohio requires that almost  every food service operation in the state have at least one  Certified Manager on staff.   Person-In-Charge (PIC) Certification in Food Protection is a mandated training for the designated person in charge for each shift.  

Does the proctored exam for the Manager Certification come with the course?

No, the proctored exam is a separate procedure and cost. We will come to you for the exam, anywhere in Ohio.

How can I get all the details about the course?

  1. Click on the Manager Page 
  2. Click the REGISTER button (don't worry, it won't register you yet)
  3. Click on the "BUY COURSE" button
  4. Click on the course you want info on
  5. Read the detailed description of the the course
  6. Again, you will not be registered until you tell us to

Then What?

When ready to register:

  1. Hit the "Add To Cart" Button
  2. Register and Pay
  3. Take Course
  4. Take "Final Practice Test" (Section 15)
  5. Schedule your Proctored Exam